Sky splash

Sky Splash


Rising more than 6 stories, this wild ride delivers thrills, taking you from gentle “sky” ponds into accelerator slides and culminating with a final plunge into one great big pool.


Height Requirement: Children under 36” must wear a life vest and be accompanied by a supervising companion. Infants are not permitted.

  • Water Slide
    Ride Type
    Water Slide
  • Twiddlebug Land
    Twiddlebug Land

International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)

IBCCES Sensory Guide™

Sensory Level
(1=low sensory stimulation, 10 = high sensory stimulation)
  • Touch


    Water slide.

    Ride (seated on a rubber inner tube).

    Climb (must walk up stairs/may need to grip handrail).

    Life vest required (children under 36"/3 feet tall).

  • Taste


    Chance of water to splash in mouth (small amounts).

  • Sound


    Water and splashing sounds.

    During busy times, crowd noise levels can be very high.

  • Smell


    Slight chlorine smell in the water.

    Other natural smells associated with outdoor parks.

  • Sight


    Glare from sun, reflected on water, may be bright.

    Slide height (6 stories tall) may impact visual sensitivity.