Rambling River

Water Rides

Water attractions will be open from May 28 - September 12.

  • Rambling River

    Big Bird's Rambling River

    This relaxing, fun-filled water adventure always seems to be popular with kids and adults alike.

  • Waterworks

    Ernie's Waterworks

    Turn your little ones loose in Ernie’s Waterworks, our unique, interactive water adventure.

  • Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave

    Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave

    Located in Twiddlebug Land, where everything is oversized, this 10,000-square-foot wave pool is sure to delight all.

  • Splash Castle

    The Count's Splash Castle

    The Count’s Splash Castle, a multi-level interactive water-play attraction – our largest one ever.

  • Sky Splash

    Sky Splash

    Super-popular Sky Splash allows up to six riders together in a large raft as you glide under oversized toys such as an 8-foot Rubber Duckie (yes, an 8-ft. Rubber Duckie).

  • Bert & Ernie Slip n Slide

    Bert & Ernie's Slip & Slide

    Get ready to give into gravity and slip-slide away – fast!
    This attraction is temporarily closed.

  • Slimey's Chutes

    Slimey's Chutes

    A family favorite, Slimey’s Chutes (named for Oscar's wormy friend) is a yellow and white double slide inner tube ride, ideal for young children.
    This attraction is temporarily closed.

  • Slippery Slopes

    Slippery Slopes

    You know how every time you finish a slip-and-slide ride, you wish it never ended?
    This attraction is temporarily closed.

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