Attraction Information Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ride Safety

Safety is our highest priority, and we meet or exceed all safety guidelines set forth by state agencies, industry organizations, as well as our ride and slide manufacturers. Each ride has a posted safety warning sign at the entrance, which may be different for each attraction. Guests should review these safety requirements, based on manufacturer guidelines and our park safety protocols.

Are there specific dress requirements for water attractions?

Swim diapers are required for all water attractions and are available for purchase at the park. Proper swim attire must be worn on all water attractions.

Are there specific dress requirements for mechanical attractions?

Shoes must be worn on all mechanical rides. Loose articles are not permitted on mechanical rides and must remain with a non-rider or in a locker. Attendants are not responsible for loose articles.

What is your policy on saving spots in attraction lines?

Line cutting is not permitted. Guests that exit a line must re-enter at the end of the line.

Height Requirements

Many of our attractions may be enjoyed together as a family. Certain attractions do not allow hand held infants and children must be accompanied by a supervising companion. All height and safety requirements are posted on each individual ride page.

Some rides require that a child be accompanied by a supervising companion. How is this defined?

For all mechanical rides as well as some water rides, guests not meeting the established height and/or age requirements must be accompanied by a supervising companion at least 14 years of age.

What is a handheld infant?

A baby or toddler who is unable to take three unassisted steps to the ride or attraction independently and cannot maintain independent seated postural control.

For all rides and attractions, all riders must maintain independent postural control. In addition, for water attractions guests must also fit properly into a US Coast Guard Type II or III life vest.

What can I enjoy as an Expecting Mother?

Guests are permitted to enjoy the following attractions: The Sunny Day Carousel, Mini-Monster Clubhouse, and Ernie’s Waterworks. Guests may also enjoy all of our daily live shows.

What items am I allowed to bring with me on attractions?

Loose articles, such as hats, glasses, cameras, and bags are not permitted on any of our attractions and should be left with a non-rider or in a locker.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are provided at each water attraction which one is required to be worn.

Guests are also welcome to bring their own life jacket as long as it is an approved US Coast Guard Type II or III life vest. To check to see if your life jacket is approved please visit The Welcome Center or ask any member of the aquatics team.

I am a single parent with two children, how can I ride certain attractions?

Sesame Place has a variety of attractions that can be experienced by the entire family including many of our play areas and water play areas, listed below:

  • Mini Monster Clubhouse
  • Monster Clubhouse
  • The Count’s Splash Castle
  • Bert & Ernie’s Splashy Shores
  • Little Bird's Bay

Sesame Place also has several rides which allow one supervising companion to ride with more than one child when a supervising companion is required.

Supervising Companion and two children:

  • Blast Off
  • Oscar’s Rotten Rusty Rockets
  • The Count’s Cruisers (seasonal attraction)
  • The Castle Swing (seasonal attraction)
  • Sunny Day Carousel
  • Big Bird’s Rambling River

Supervising Companion and three children

  • Flying Cookie Jars
  • Monster Mix-up
  • Peek-a-bug
  • Big Bird's Tour Bus
  • Elmo's Surf 'n' Slide

Child Swap

Sesame Place Philadelphia offers a Child Swap program on select Dry Attractions. This program is helpful when one adult wants to ride with more than one child, but the ride does not allow the entire party to ride at the same time. Once at the front of the line, the adult can ride with one child while the other waits with a non-rider. Once the ride is complete, the children switch spots and the adult can ride with the other child without having to wait in line again. Please note that Sesame Place Philadelphia Ambassadors may not supervise children or ride with a child as part of the child swap program. A child swap must be done by a member of the party to allow the children to ride. Child Swap is not available on our Water Attractions.