teeny tiny tidal wave

Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave

Warning Please note: this attraction is temporarily closed.

Located in Twiddlebug Land, where everything is oversized, this 10,000-square-foot wave pool is sure to delight all.

Ernie's Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave opens May 25, 2018 for the season.

Your little ones can splash away under the watchful eye of a 16-foot-tall Ernie. With a maximum depth not exceeding one foot, six inches, this wave pool is ideal for younger children.

Height Requirement: Guests of any height and age are permitted in this attraction.

  • Rides
    All Ages
  • Twiddlebug Land
    Twiddlebug Land

International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)

IBCCES Sensory Guide™

(1=low sensory stimulation, 10 = high sensory stimulation)
  • Touch


    Wave pool (water setting).

    Open areas to play in the water.

    Waves may have slight rocking sensation.

  • Taste


    Chance of water to splash in mouth (small amounts).

  • Sound


    Water and splashing sounds.

    During busy times, crowd noise levels can be very high.

  • Smell


    Slight chlorine smell in the water.

    Other natural smells associated with outdoor parks.

  • Sight


    Glare from sun, reflected on water, may be bright.

    Open areas to play in the water.