Low Sensory Days
Sesame Place Philadelphia will expand its accessibility program this June with the addition of Low Sensory Days to create a more inclusive in-park experience. Traditionally high sensory experiences at the park will be adjusted to make them more accessible to those who require or prefer low sensory experiences.

Low Sensory Days:

June 9 & June 23

Cookie abby and grover.

Low Sensory Dine with Elmo & Friends Breakfast

The 9:30am Dine with Elmo & Friends breakfast as been designated as a Low Sensory Dine, with a reduced volume level and optional character interaction for a less stimulating environment. Additional fee and reservation required.

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Elmo and Cast for welcome to the party.

Low Sensory Show

Guests can enjoy the 12:15pm showing of “Welcome to the Party!” at Abby’s Paradise Theater with a reduced volume level and limited audiovisual effects.
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Lower Sensory Areas

Guests in need of a more quiet location in the park are encouraged to visit the area behind the Sesame Street Neighborhood. While this location is not a designated quiet area, it is often a less populated area of the park.

Lower Sensory Parade Viewing

Guests who want to enjoy the parade with a reduced volume level are encouraged to sit closest to where our parade begins (by the blue gate near Oscar's Wacky Taxi) and/or several rows back from the parade viewing line.

Low Sensory Room

Guests in need of some quiet time and relief from sensory stimulation can utilize our Low Sensory Room near Big Bird's Rambling River.  This room has adjustable lighting and a comfortable seating area for guests to take a break. The Low Sensory Room is locked to ensure privacy for our guests. Guests who would like to use the Low Sensory Room can visit the Welcome Center to receive the code needed to enter.