Sesame street friends

Meet Your Sesame Street Friends

Sesame Street Meet‑and‑Greets

Meet your Sesame Street friends in various locations throughout the neighborhood and grab the perfect selfie!

Meet Abby Cadabby

Meet Abby Cadabby who is an imaginative and playful 4-year-old fairy-in-training who loves to discover new things!

Meet Bert & Ernie

Meet this pair of best friends! Bert is often the voice of reason in their friendship, while Ernie is mischievous and frequently plays practical jokes on his ol' buddy, Bert.

Meet Big Bird

Big Bird is an 8'2" tall, 6-year-old yellow bird who loves making new friends on Sesame Street!

Meet Cookie Monster

Meet Cookie Monster, a furry, googly-eyed monster who loves to eat cookies!

Meet Count von Count

Meet the one and only Count von Count! He is an outgoing Sesame Street friend who loves to count everything and anything!

Meet Elmo

Meet everybody's favorite enthusiastic 3 ½-year-old red monster who loves to laugh and learn new things!

Meet Grover

Meet Grover, a furry blue monster who loves to help people and go on new adventures!

Meet Julia

Meet Julia who is a bright and curious four-year-old girl who has autism. Julia enjoys going to the playground, and dancing and singing along (loudly!) to almost any type of music.

Meet Oscar the Grouch

Meet Oscar the Grouch who loves trash and stinky smells, and is happiest when he is grouchy.

Meet Rosita

Meet Rosita who is an optimistic and playful 5-year-old who loves singing and playing guitar, reading and writing in both English and Spanish.

Meet Tango

Meet Tango, the newest furry friend at Sesame Place! Tango is Elmo’s music-loving, curious puppy who is always full of energy. She’s excited to learn new tricks and make new friends!

Meet Telly

Meet Telly Monster who loves triangles and playing with his best friend, Baby Bear.

Meet Zoe

Meet Zoe, who is an energetic 3-year-old who loves to dance and sing. She has a big imagination and a pet rock named Rocco.