Certified Autism Center
Sesame Place San Diego® has partnered with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a global leader in online training and certification programs, to be designated as a Certified Autism Center (CAC). It is our goal to provide every family with an enjoyable and memorable visit to Sesame Place, and we are proud to offer specialized services to guests with autism and other special needs. 

Certified Staff

Sesame Place Team Members receive specialized training to ensure they have the requisite knowledge, skills, temperament, and expertise to cater to all children, including those with special needs.

Training focuses include: sensory awareness, motor skills, autism overview, program development, social skills, communication, environment, and emotional awareness.

IBCCES Sensory Guide™

The IBCCES Sensory Guide provides insight on how a child with sensory processing issues may be affected by each sense for rides and attractions at Sesame Place.
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Ride Accessibility Program

Our Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) is designed to allow guests to fully participate in the enjoyment of our park while keeping in mind the safety requirements of our rides and attractions. The program was developed based on the requirements of the manufacturer and by evaluating the physical and mental attributes required to safely ride each ride. It is our policy to allow anyone to ride who meets the criteria for ridership and that riding does not present a potential hazard to the guest or to others.
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Accessibility Guide for Guests

Our Ride Accessibility Guide provides an overview of services and facilities available for guests with disabilities and other special needs that are visiting Sesame Place theme park. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment to all guests.
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Quiet Rooms

Guests in need of some quiet time and relief from sensory stimulation can utilize one of our two quiet rooms near our First Aid Station behind Sesame Souvenirs. These rooms have adjustable lighting and a comfortable seating area for guests to take a break. Quiet rooms are locked to ensure privacy for our guests. Guests who would like to use the quiet rooms can visit Guest Services to receive the code needed to enter.

Low Sensory Areas

Guests in need of a more quiet location in the park are encouraged to visit the area near Oscar's Rotten Rafts as well as the parade route near First Aid.  While these locations are not designated quiet areas, they are often less populated areas of the park.

There are several military bases located near Sesame Place San Diego so fighter jets frequently fly over the park. These jets are very loud so we strongly suggest preparing your family for those potential sound interruptions during your visit

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sesame Place offers noise-cancelling headphones for guests with hearing sensitivity. These headphones can be picked up at Guest Services, located by Sesame Souvenirs inside the park. Headphones are not permitted on select dry rides or any of the water rides and slides.

Please return at the end of your visit.

Low Sensory Parade Viewing

Guests who want to enjoy the parade without direct character interaction such as "hugs" or "high fives" are encouraged to sit closest to where our parade begins and/or several rows back from the parade viewing line.

Dining Options

Guests looking for a quieter dining environment are encouraged to visit meal facilities during non-peak hours or ahead of mealtime. For additional assistance or questions about dining options during your visit, please contact [email protected].

Food Policy

No outside food, beverages, or coolers are allowed to be brought into Sesame Place, except you may bring a bottle of water or a refillable water bottle. Exceptions may be made for guests with special dietary needs, including food allergies and baby food/formula. Guest should contact [email protected] 3 days prior to their visit to make accommodations for special dietary needs and exemptions to our outside food policy. Guest should contact Park Security or Guest Services when they arrive at the Park for approval to bring in special dietary foods.

Meet Julia

Julia is a bright and curious four-year-old girl who has autism. Julia’s autism means that she does things a little differently than some people. Her good friend, Abby Cadabby, says she does things in “a Julia sort of way.” 

Say hello to Julia and take photos in the Sesame Street Neighborhood. (times and location subject to change).

Resources for Guests with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Travel

Autism Travel is a resource provided by The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to help parents understand their options for travel. Autism Travel provides parents with a community to share ideas, plan trips with other families, and explore travel options at some of the most beautiful places in the world.
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Sesame Street® and Autism: See Amazing in All Children

Sesame Workshop® created Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, a nationwide initiative aimed at communities with children ages 2 to 5. Developed with input from parents, people who serve the autism community, and people with autism, See Amazing in All Children offers families ways to manage common challenges, to simplify everyday activities, and to grow connections and support from family, friends, and community.
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