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Ambassador Blogger: Brianne Manz

Brianne Manz was once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer. She lives in NYC with her husband, three children and enjoy our fast paced city life. Her blog Stroller In The City boasts about city living, kids fashion and all things that are mommy.

Blog: Stroller in the City
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Ambassador Blogger: Debi Gerhart

I am Debi, a (just outside of) Philadelphia lifestyle and travel blogger, obsessed with travel, tech, and coffee. I have been blogging for 3 years and I love the freedom it gives me to stay home and play with my kids all day. In spare time I love to try new recipes, do crafts, and try new things. I have 4 amazing kids, ranging from ages 4-17. I have been with my husband since we were teenagers, so for over half of my life. My kids have the same crazy kind of sense of humor as my husband and I. I often joke that my life is just like a TV show… if Rosanne lived with the Addam’s Family.We love Sesame Place. We love to either come early in the morning or later in the afternoon. We have learned it is the best way to beat the crowds and to enjoy the rides.

Blog: The Spring Mount 6 Pack
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Ambassador Blogger: Diane Sullivan

I'm Diane Sullivan, but a lot of people know me as @ElGeorgia! I'm a mom of 3 children, one from my 20's, 30's, and 40's. They are all 8 years apart- 22, 14 and 6, which makes me a collegemom, middleschoolmom, and preschoolmom. I have also spent 20 years as a classroom teacher. I'm a long time Sesame Place fan and have been a season pass holder for more than 20 years! I am thrilled to be a Sesame Place Ambassador Blogger and look forward to another great season at Sesame Place. I'll be sharing all the fun times, news, and giveaways on my site

Blog: 3 Decades 3 Kids
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Ambassador Blogger: Lisa Lightner

I'm a lifelong fan of Sesame Street and Sesame Place. I love sharing the experience with my boys. Inspired by my son with special needs, my blog is all about special needs parenting and special education. I work as a Special Education Advocate and citizen lobbyist, trying to change the system for kids like ours. I am a board certified Special Education Advocate and answer IEP questions from parents on my blog. I also share tips for advocating and lobbying for your own child and the best travel tips. I know families like ours can be leery of traveling sometimes, so I take the guesswork out of what to expect at local attractions--including Sesame Place!

Blog: A Day in Our Shoes
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Ambassador Blogger: Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez is a secretary by day, blog writer by night and atypical mami round the clock. When Lisa's son, Norrin, was diagnosed with autism in May 2008, she found herself in a world she did not understand. In 2010 Lisa founded the blog AutismWonderland, that chronicled her family journey with autism and shared local resources for children/families with special needs. AutismWonderland became an award winning blog and Lisa was recognized for her writing and her efforts to raise autism awareness within the Latino community. Lisa's story and her writing have been featured on several websites including Huffington Post Parents, Yahoo Shine and Lisa is a contributing writer at and In 2014, Lisa launched Atypical Family - a personal family blog - that focuses on autism, work/life balance, family entertainment and more.

Blog: Atypical Familia
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Ambassador Blogger: Melissa Pezza

My name is Melissa, and I am a blogger at The Mommyhood Chronicles. On my site, I write about the triumphs and tribulations of motherhood. I love giving my feedback on products, places I travel to, and parenting information. Sesame Place is one of my favorite destinations that my whole family enjoys. I recommend getting a Season Pass so you can go whenever you want! Also, definitely do dining with the characters.

Blog: The Mommyhood Chronicles
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Ambassador Blogger: Tina Seitzinger

Hi, I’m Tina mom of two boys and the voice behind Life Without Pink – a personal lifestyle blog focused on parenting and raising boys to give you inspiration to play, create, and grow with your kids! You’ll find everything from cool gadgets, daily adventures, to personal stories and tips for raising boys. My boys are 8 and 5 and have a ton of energy, so it’s important to keep them active and outdoors. As a family we enjoy traveling, playing sports, going on bike rides, and having backyard camp outs in the summer. I believe in getting my kids outside every day even if it’s for 10 minutes…..fresh air does wonders!

Blog: Life Without Pink
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Ambassador Blogger: Vanessa Felie

Living in the northern-most part of Connecticut, I run a small online craft shop and take my family here and there. I’ve contributed to a national tv show and my projects have been featured in a handful of magazines. My job and my family inspire me to create crafty projects for holidays, vacations and times when there's just not much going on. I look to add a little flair to everything we do, to put some extra fun in to daily life as well as special occasions. I've always been a fan of all-things-Sesame. When I was a little girl, I'd watch Sesame Street and see the magic - especially when they'd show Bert's feet doing the "er-er-pigeon". Honestly, the Muppet feet were my favorite part. How did they do that? I get a little chill when I see Bert outside 123 Sesame and in the parade. He has excellent taste in footwear.

Blog: Queen Vanna
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Ambassador Blogger: Jeanine Ludwikowski

Blog: Mommy Entourage
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