Going Green

Sesame Place Is Going Green(ER).

Sesame Place is strongly committed to doing our part to keep our park environmentally friendly and, in turn, the world we share a better place to live. Were constantly adding new sustainability initiatives throughout the park so that we, and our guests, can leave less of a footprint.

Check out our latest eco-efforts:

  • Sesame Place was designated Groundwater Guardian Green Site for 2009.
  • Sesame Place’s Culinary Department provides napkins that are made from 100% recycled fiber, are 100% bleach free and utilize biodegradable vegetable based inks. Seafood that has been certified sustainable by either the MSC or ACC. Soda cups that, while not biodegradable, meet the ASTM standard for compostability.
  • The landscaping at Sesame Place uses composting and a technique called Lasagna Gardening; layers of wet newspapers, soil and organic material make rich beds for plants.
  • In addition to flowers and plants, more recycling containers for park guests are growing up all over the park. Even though Oscar loves trash, Sesame Place loves to recycle; bottles, cans and paper bins are visible throughout the park, making it easy for everyone to pitch in.