Sky Splash

Super-popular Sky Splash allows up to six riders together in a large raft as you glide under oversized toys such as an 8-foot Rubber Duckie (yes, an 8-ft. Rubber Duckie). Rising more than 6 stories, this wild ride delivers thrills, taking you from gentle “sky” ponds into accelerator slides and culminating with a final plunge into one great big pool.

Height Requirement: Children under 36” must wear a life vest and be accompanied by a supervising companion. Infants are not permitted.

Additional Information:

  • At least 3, but no more than 6 riders per tube (maximum of 4 adults). 
  • Remove all loose articles.
  • Water depth: 3’6
  • Proper swimwear is required. Long pants, cutoffs and skirts are prohibited.
  • No diapers; swim diapers are permitted.
  • Not recommended for:
    • Expectant or recent mothers
    • Anyone with back or neck problems
    • Anyone with a heart condition
    • Anyone overweight or in poor physical condition
  • Children may not ride in the lap of a supervising companion.
  • At the end of the ride, stay in the tube until the Guard stops and secures your tube.
  • Guests should remain seated in their tubes at all times.
  • Life vests are available at the top of the ride.
  • Max operational load: 700 lbs combined
  • Riders must remain seated on raft floor.
  • Do not sit on edge of raft.
  • Do not run, dive, flip, jump, stand, kneel, or do stunts on the slide.
  • Do not change body positions on the slide.
  • Do not form chains.
  • Do not throw objects off slide tower.

Click here for our Ride Accessibility page.