Sesame Streak

Add a twist to your splashing experience – literally. With the “Sesame Streak,” single or double riders are carried down two twisting chutes, ending their ride in a splash pool. The Streak is designed for parents and young children to experience the fun together in double tubes.

Sesame Streak opens May 26 for the season.

Height Requirement: All riders must be 36” or taller.
Riders 42” - 48” may ride alone or with a supervising companion.
Riders over 48” must ride alone or, supervising companions may ride with a child 36” – 48”.

Additional Information:

  • Remove all loose articles.
  • Slides empty into 3 foot water depth.
  • Two adults may not ride together.
  • Shoes, sandals, and other footwear are not permitted on slides.
  • Proper Swimwear is required: no long pants or skirts.
  • Begin Sliding only after receiving OK from attendant.
  • Exit pool quickly.
  • Not recommended for:
    • Expectant or recent mothers
    • Anyone with back or neck problems
    • Anyone with a heart condition
    •  Anyone overweight or in poor physical condition
  • Max operational load: 1 person tube: 300 lbs; 2 person tube: 400 lbs.

Click here for our Ride Accessibility page.