Groups FAQs

How do I qualify for group rate tickets?

To qualify for group rate tickets you must have a group of 15 people or more. Group tickets are available for purchase online or by mail. If you order by mail, your payment in full must be received at least 14 days prior to your date of visit. Children 23 months and under do not require a ticket.

How can I purchase group rate tickets?

Group Tickets can be purchased online or by mail order. Group Tickets are available for purchase on If you are ordering 100+ group tickets online, you must place multiple orders in quantities of 99 or less. To avoid shipping charges, you must purchase online. Group Tickets for any size group can be purchased through mail order by filling out the appropriate Mail Order Form. Payment for group ticket orders through mail order must be received a minimum of 14 days in advance of date of visit.

Can I purchase group rate tickets at the park?

Yes.  If your group did not purchase advance group tickets by mail or online prior to your visit, you may purchase discounted group tickets for 15 or more at any ticket window.

Adults (ages 10 & up): $52.00 + tax = $55.64*
Children (ages 2-9):$52.00 + tax = $55.64*

How can I purchase additional group rate tickets for my group?

If you have an existing order, up to 15 additional group rate tickets may be purchased at Guest Relations on the day of your group visit for the price paid per ticket plus an additional fee of $2 per ticket. Original group rate ticket receipt must be presented at the time of purchase. Without original receipt additional tickets may not be purchased. Complimentary tickets are only provided with prepaid orders.

Expired Tickets

You may apply the paid value of an unused group rate ticket toward the purchase of a non-group rate admission product on the date of your visit, restrictions apply.

Does each person in the group need a ticket to get into the park?

Yes, everyone age two and above is required to have an admission ticket to enter the park. We suggest that group leaders distribute a ticket to every group member before entering the park to speed up park entry.

What is the Sunny Day Guarantee?

Sunny Day Tickets are issued if it rains continuously for one hour while a guest is in the park. Guests who leave the park during the time it rains may trade their admission ticket at Guest Relations for a Sunny Day Ticket to return at a future date. If the continuous rain occurs during twilight hours, a Twilight Sunny Day Ticket will be offered. Guests will receive one Sunny Day Ticket per every paid admission ticket turned in. Complimentary guests are excluded from this offer.

If you leave without exchanging your tickets, you will forfeit the Sunny Day Ticket.

What is the price for parking?

General Parking Lot $17
Preferred Parking Lot $20
VIP Parking Lot $30
Bus Parking - See Below

How much is bus parking?

Bus Parking is available in the General Parking Lot for $25. For safety and maneuverability concerns, the only approved drop off/pick-up area is in the General Parking Lot near the exit gate. Buses are not permitted in the Preferred Parking Lot. Complimentary admission is provided to your bus driver on the day of your visit, when a CDL is presented at Guest Relations.

What is a Group Meal Certificate?

A Group Meal Certificate is an advance meal purchase at over a 30% savings. It is valid for one (1) adult entree including a choice of french fries, sliced apples or apple sauce and a fountain beverage OR valid for one (1) kids meal with a souvenir cup, at Elmo's Eatery, Cookie's Cafe or Captain Ernie's Bistro only.

How do I purchase Group Meal Certificates?

Group Meal Certificates can be purchased at Guest Relations on the date of your visit for discounted rate of $10. Group Meal Certificates can also be purchased by mail order for $10 with your Group Tickets.

Where can I use my Group Meal Certificates?

Group Meal Certificates can be redeemed in Elmo's Eatery, Cookie's Cafe or Captain Ernie's Bistro inside the park.

Can I bring a cooler?

Soft-sided coolers no larger than 10"x10"x12" are permitted to store baby formula, baby food and medically necessary items.

Can I bring a picnic lunch?

Outside food is not permitted in the park with the exception of baby formula, baby food and medically necessary items. Two picnic areas are available outside the park, one in the Preferred Parking Lot and the other in the General Parking Lot. Barbecues and charcoal grills are prohibited in the Sesame Place parking lot and picnic areas.

What if I need to leave the park? Can I get back in?

Yes. Before leaving the park, be sure to get your hand stamped on your way out.

What if someone in my group is lost?

There is no personal paging at the park. Group leaders should periodically check Lost Parents and First Aid for members of their group. Lost Parents and First Aid are located near Cookie's Cafe, by the Sunny Day Carousel. You may also want to set-up a designated group "meeting area" inside or outside of the park, prior to your visit.

Can I save a spot in line for other group members at attractions or shows?

Line cutting or saving a space in line for other group members is prohibited. Those found line cutting are subject to removal from the park.

*Group Rate Tickets and Group Meal Certificates are non-refundable, non-transferable and not for resale.

*A 7% amusement tax applies to ALL admission tickets and is not Tax Exempt.

*Sesame Place is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

*If you have any questions during your visit, please visit the Welcome Center for assistance.